Minnesode 3: Gobble Gobble Gravy

The holidays can suck when you are struggling with infertility. Have no fear! Erica and Christa are here with an epic pep talk and some bright ideas to get you through Thanksgiving!
The ideas include having a canned-as-cranberries answer for what you are thankful for, pouring gravy on everything, indulging in some Black Friday retail therapy and focusing on the holidays with the corny holiday movie schedules and decorating.

Episode 19: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness

In the midst of battling a cold, Christa brings her sexy voice to the table. Erica’s debut into the Minnesota socialite scene has the girls agreeing she is a shoe in for the Real Housewives of Minnesota (just waiting on you Andy!).

Then the topic of pregnancy and infant loss is covered, including: the types of loss, supporting someone experiencing loss, and resources for going through loss.

Episode 18: Accessorary

The chairs at the local dance studio have the ladies giggling over being witness to others’ embarrassing moments and confused about whether they should intervene. Trouble brews in Edina for Christa with a parking altercation outside the chiropractor’s office. Erica smooths things over by gifting Christa a pineapple present worth its weight in Halloween candy.

Erica regrets a recent booty-shaking social media post when it lands next to a conversation regarding a candidate worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize. Christa’s basement project has become a disaster of epic proportions, and she blames her cowlneck sweater as the reason for being called “ma’am”.

Then the girls chat about PCOS, drawing from Erica’s personal experience and Christa’s usual abundance of research.

Episode 17: Playground Cult

Christa is a ballerina with her hair slicked back, Erica is aging backward thanks to a recent impulse purchase from Amazon, and Pineapple Studios is in a state of organized chaos. The girls push past the madness to share their odd experiences buying and selling on Facebook before getting an update on Erica’s ongoing quest for motivation.

Then it’s on to a topic more basic than Ugg boots, leggings and pumpkin-spiced everything…where to start when trying to conceive.

Episode 16: My Husband’s Hamster

Join the girls and their second guest, Erica’s dear friend Katie.

Katie kicks things off with a “have you ever” before they all share in what they love about the
fall season.

After that, it’s all about Katie, who shares her story, which includes years of infertility, multiple
rounds of IUIs and IVF, and the role religion can play in making the tough decision to pursue
fertility treatments.

Episode 15: Mittelschmerz

Erica uses her fake credentials to make an interesting self-diagnosis, and Christa realizes one of her purchases from Goodwill is rather deceiving. The girls mull over Erica’s new haircut and state fair experience (she got the cob of corn this year!) before shifting gears to Christa’s three-hour glucose test. Another Mother Mary story weaves its way into the mix, this time with her irresponsible decision to get tattooed eyeliner.

Then it’s all about the physical, emotional and financial strains infertility can take on relationships before rounding out the episode with a random conversation around football draft day.

Episode 14: Listerine

This episode starts with Erica sharing a story about retaliation while divulging a little-known secret about herself that she has managed to keep in “the dark.” Christa warns of the hidden dangers that come with a DIY spa day and her experience with the gestational diabetes glucose test.

With Erica’s last transfer coming up this fall, Christa gifts her some perfectly chilled motivation for the next phase of life in hopes it gives her something fun to look forward to. Then the girls spark a conversation on mentally preparing for fertility treatments and why it can often feel like a daunting task. Don’t worry, the girls brainstorm ideas to leave you inspired!

Minnesode 2: What NOT to Say

Listen to “Minnesode 2 – What NOT to Say” on Spreaker. Ali is back (YAY!), joining the girls for a heated conversation around the things you should NOT say to someone struggling with infertility. Show Notes https://www.verywellfamily.com/things-not-to-say-to-someone-infertility-1960012

Episode 13: Glitz, Glamour and Celebrity Infertility (Part 2)

Erica is fresh on the heels of her vacation to Oregon, filling us in on how her time was spent (spoiler alert: It includes VERY advanced puzzles), and Christa gives an update on a recent summer storm that tore the tree in her front yard to smithereens.

Then the girls continue with the topic of celebs who have come out of the infertility closet.

Episode 12: Glitz, Glamour and Celebrity Infertility (Part 1)

This week’s “Have You Evers” spawn a conversation about irrational fears. Erica prepares for her upcoming family vacation to the Oregon coast and shares the details of her recent experience at a MN county fair with a culture and vibe all its own. Then, inspired by the Netflix series, she walks us through her intense Marie Kondo-ing. Meanwhile, Christa acknowledges her severe constipation and questions her most recent Amazon purchase.

Then the girls cover the topic of celebs who have come out of the infertility closet.