Episode 2: Pink Penis Sculpture Park

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The girls are back again and this time they kick things off with dance moves, the plethora of ultrasounds that come with infertility, and how deeply true crime is embedded into their lives. Erica discusses her decision to get a mammogram for her nameless boobs and Christa shares the outcome of her latest frozen embryo transfer.

Then they take on the tumultuous topic of baby showers, spawned by a few recent invitations.  The conversation includes what showers feel like for infertiles, the tough decision of whether or not to go, and how to adequately prepare yourself for the showers you bravely decide to attend (hint: stay near the food).

Then it is on to chatting about how to put yourself first while navigating through infertility, offering up some ideas to “treat yoself” and stay distracted.  Erica and Christa agree road trips are a great way to occupy spare time and some of MN’s greatest destinations are uncovered.

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