Episode 5: Reunited

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After a small hiatus (that the girls agree felt like a million years), Christa and Erica spend time catching up on life events. As a result of last year’s fertility treatments, Christa struggles to control the changing texture of her hair. Erica shares the details of her recent polyp surgery and the haunting aftermath of pre- and post-surgery pictures.

Then the girls talk organizing IVF medications and the OCD that comes with it, as Erica begins getting things in perfect order for her next transfer. Christa brings us up to speed on the recent complications of her first pregnancy and admits to a rather embarrassing story about a recent visit with the doctor where her pajamas made a surprising appearance.

The complicated feelings around Mother’s Day are discussed, including how the day can feel for women who have struggled to become mothers. The episode is rounded out with encouragement to celebrate small wins along the way opposed to only feeling accomplished at major milestones, complete with a real-time example many women can relate to.

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