Episode 7: Birds

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This week’s episode starts with Erica’s long trek home from a foam party and an epic “have you ever” that leaves her feeling very exposed. Christa comforts her with the story of an awkward encounter at the dermatologist’s office and why she will never try on pants at the mall again. Some unexpected visitors rudely interrupt the storytelling and leave the girls connecting over their shared disdain for birds.

Erica shares the details of her transfer day, which went smoothly enough to leave her feeling nervous, and Christa spills the tea on her trip to the Ozarks before talking about how an unexpected pregnancy announcement shook her to the core.

Then the girls weigh in on the topic of body image, along with their tumultuous past experiences on the subject. The toll of infertility and fertility treatments on the body are covered in depth before the TIP of the Week leaves the girls encouraging you to show up for your life and take the damn picture!

Show notes:

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