Episode 6

Episode 6: Strega Nona

The girls dive right in with Erica bragging about the blind plucking of a chin hair sans mirror, and Christa messing up her health care benefits in what can only be described as an infertile’s worst nightmare. Douglas the pouchless kangaroo is introduced, and it is decided 40 is the age where you just stop giving a fuck.

Then Erica gives an update on her pending transfer and contemplates whether to use one or two embryos, and Christa shares the painful loss of her grandmother and the subsequent days in which she couldn’t move her arms for no known reason.

Popular magazines featuring infertility become a topic of conversation before moving on to old wives’ tales, theories and bad advice (which the girls discover are often one and the same). Eating pineapple core and McDonald’s fries, swallowing sperm and mothball tampons are discussed to name a few.