Episode 11: Naked in Public

Dougie Fresh, “The Pouchless Wonder,” is in da house, and the girls revel in the excitement of recording with their new high-tech equipment.

Erica shares the implications of going back on Metformin, and Christa attempts to make her feel better with her most embarrassing story of all time. Then it’s on to the details of a recent double-date night out and Christa’s feelings of imposter syndrome being pregnant after years of trying.

With infertility being such a taboo and polarizing topic, the girls dish on the pros and cons of coming out of the infertility closet, complete with their very different personal experiences.

Episode 10: IVF 101

Erica takes TIP advice and goes all out for a family picture downtown without realizing what was behind her. Meanwhile, Christa tells us all about the “spirit art” that is still packaged in its original envelope for very good reason. The “ins and outs” of Erica’s intense smoothie regimen are talked over in great detail, including what she pours into the concoction. The most exciting news in Christa’s life toggles between her new three-ring inflatable pool and the burn on the roof of her mouth from a hot slice of pizza.

Then Erica cracks open her old IVF manual, and the girls give the ultimate rundown of the entire process, drawing on their own experiences and sharing things in a way only two seasoned IVF patients can. The conversation includes the “whats” and “whys” of IVF, paperwork, meds, stims, egg retrievals, genetic testing, ICSI, fresh vs. frozen transfers, embryo grading and assisted hatching.

Episode 9: Sweater Nugget

Join the girls and their first-ever guest, Christa’s friend and “tilted sister,” Ali!

Ali serves up this week’s “Have you Ever,” and it’s as good as her tater tot hotdish. Then the girls drool over the must-have foods of the MN State Fair.

After that, it’s all about Ali, who bravely shares her story, which includes gestational surrogacy and secondary infertility. Cervical clamping, one of the worst procedural horror stories and the wide array of speculums available on Amazon are discussed.

Episode 8: Wheatgrass Badass

The episode starts with Erica admitting to taking control in the kitchen and eating six cookies in one sitting, while Christa tells a less enchanting story that includes a much less desirable snack and an “arm condom.”

Erica shares the outcome of her transfer and all the feelings that come with it, including the
rollercoaster of emotions during the dreaded “two week wait.” Christa gives us her critical review of the latest Child’s Play remake and the gems she discovered while weeding through old “junk” from her parent’s house.

The topic of infertility and work is discussed, with the girls sharing their personal experiences plus a few ideas and resources they found helpful.

Episode 7: Birds

This week’s episode starts with Erica’s long trek home from a foam party and an epic “have you ever” that leaves her feeling very exposed. Christa comforts her with the story of an awkward encounter at the dermatologist’s office and why she will never try on pants at the mall again. Some unexpected visitors rudely interrupt the storytelling and leave the girls connecting over their shared disdain for birds.

Erica shares the details of her transfer day, which went smoothly enough to leave her feeling nervous, and Christa spills the tea on her trip to the Ozarks before talking about how an unexpected pregnancy announcement shook her to the core.

Then the girls weigh in on the topic of body image, along with their tumultuous past experiences on the subject. The toll of infertility and fertility treatments on the body are covered in depth before the TIP of the Week leaves the girls encouraging you to show up for your life and take the damn picture!

Episode 6: Strega Nona

The girls dive right in with Erica bragging about the blind plucking of a chin hair sans mirror, and Christa messing up her health care benefits in what can only be described as an infertile’s worst nightmare. Douglas the pouchless kangaroo is introduced, and it is decided 40 is the age where you just stop giving a fuck.

Then Erica gives an update on her pending transfer and contemplates whether to use one or two embryos, and Christa shares the painful loss of her grandmother and the subsequent days in which she couldn’t move her arms for no known reason.

Popular magazines featuring infertility become a topic of conversation before moving on to old wives’ tales, theories and bad advice (which the girls discover are often one and the same). Eating pineapple core and McDonald’s fries, swallowing sperm and mothball tampons are discussed to name a few.

Episode 5: Reunited

After a small hiatus (that the girls agree felt like a million years), Christa and Erica spend time catching up on life events. As a result of last year’s fertility treatments, Christa struggles to control the changing texture of her hair. Erica shares the details of her recent polyp surgery and the haunting aftermath of pre- and post-surgery pictures.

Then the girls talk organizing IVF medications and the OCD that comes with it, as Erica begins getting things in perfect order for her next transfer. Christa brings us up to speed on the recent complications of her first pregnancy and admits to a rather embarrassing story about a recent visit with the doctor where her pajamas made a surprising appearance.

The complicated feelings around Mother’s Day are discussed, including how the day can feel for women who have struggled to become mothers. The episode is rounded out with encouragement to celebrate small wins along the way opposed to only feeling accomplished at major milestones, complete with a real-time example many women can relate to.

Episode 4: The Fugitive

The episode starts out with condiment chatter and the fallout of swindling a nurse out of two grape popsicles. Christa’s mom’s sketchy driving is discussed, complete with the incredible story of how she ruined her custom Audi convertible (we feel confidently no one else has totaled a car this way). The girls discuss the 1980s pads you get at the doctor’s office and consider wearing a sandwich board to publicize the podcast. Erica admits Christa is her good luck charm for BINGO, even though they have never won, before agreeing that the trendy side slits in sweatshirts should go away.

We hope your lashes are coated in waterproof mascara… Christa shares her intertwined Endometriosis and infertility story.

Episode 3: Renaissance Woman

The girls are back for episode 3 and this week starts with a conversation around pubic hair and their personal experiences with not shaving before a dreaded transvaginal ultrasound. Christa confesses a deep secret about her love of perogies and shares her mother’s infatuation with PIO injections. Erica tries her best to stay true to her hippy roots while still working on her Minnesotan accent, specifically with the proper pronunciation of the “fancy” local grocery store.

We hope your lashes are coated in waterproof mascara… Erica courageously shares the details of her personal infertility story.